Rapid E-Learning
Create Learning Content Easily
In just a few steps you can compose multimedia teaching materials such as texts, images, videos, audio files, documents as well as quizzes and tasks.
Structure your knowledge in a clear and understandable arrangement of lessons and chapters.
Quick and Easy
Design teaching materials by using pre-designed formatting such as headings, paragraphs, quotes, informative text blocks, code snippets, and hyperlinks.

Lots of Features to Present Knowledge without any Effort

Complete the learning content with images, videos, YouTube videos, audios, and documents to break up the content.

Add interactive elements such as quizzes and tasks like you want to.

Organise the content easily by using drag & drop.

Hide content elements for editing.

Manage a central question pool and use the questions for quizzes and certifications.

Manage media centrally and efficiently.

Export and continue to use created course templates or quizzes. Quizzes can be integrated into your website.

Import exported templates translated to offer courses in additional languages.

Create reusable templates.

Once created, use the learning content in different course formats (online, offline, blended).

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With VARIABLE you can easily create learning content.
Compile multimedia learning content such as text, images, video, audio, documents as well as quizzes and tasks with just a few clicks.
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