Private Cloud
Strengthen Loyalty of your Target Group
As a company, association or non-profit organization, develop comprehensive trainings for your employees, customers, members, volunteers and sponsors.
Employee Loyalty through Continuous Learning
The private learning platform enables employees to continue their training and stay up to date in their profession. This directly contributes to increasing company performance.
A strong learning and development culture can be a crucial factor in attracting new talents.
Cost Efficiency
The digital learning platform saves significant costs by eliminating travel and down time and enables flexible learning.
A large number of employees to be trained at the same time on a PC, tablet or mobile device.
Provide annual trainings and certifications.
Easy and tamper-proof verification of the skills proof.

Features for Internal Trainings

Transform internal knowledge into digital products. Build a central knowledge database.

Increase the employees loyalty through continuous knowledge transfer.

Design internal training processes efficiently and save time.

Close information gaps and ensure information consistency.

Offer an internal course product catalog. Participants enrol themselves.

Maintain full control and security over your learning content and participant data. GDPR compliant client solution.

Easy and quick creation of learning materials for rapidly changing business needs.

Adaptability and scalability through internal authoring.

Train a large number of employees at the same time while maintaining the quality of education.

Design confirmations of participation, badges and certificates in your corporate design.

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