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Operational Onboarding with E-Learning

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Companies face the challenge of efficiently and thoroughly introducing new employees to the corporate culture, processes and tasks. Traditional onboarding methods can be time-consuming and make it difficult to deliver consistent training.
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Implementation of an operational onboarding program using an e-learning platform like VERIABLE.

Do you want to make it easier for new employees to get started in your company and at the same time avoid time-consuming training? With VERIABLE you create one-time standardized introduction paths that employees complete before starting work or during the introduction phase in your company and demonstrate important skills (e.g. on the subject of data protection, hygiene or operational safety) with own certificates (knowledge tests). The company always has an overview and proof of the skills acquired by the employees. Certificates can be conveniently stored on the employee’s smartphone using the Apple Wallet and thus easily verified.

The onboarding program is split into several modules covering different aspects of the company, such as the corporate culture, company history, organization chart, privacy policy, security requirements, etc.

The training modules contain interactive content such as videos, presentations, simulations, quizzes and case studies to encourage the learners’ engagement.

Self-Paced Learning

New employees can progress through the onboarding modules at their own pace, giving them the flexibility to learn based on their learning style and time availability.

Checks and Feedback

Onboarding may include tests and quizzes to check the learners’ understanding. If necessary, employees can send feedback or questions to trainers and mentors.


The e-learning platform is accessible via various devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. This enables employees to learn from anywhere.

Share standardized processess

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, a quick and temporally independent transfer of knowledge is becoming more and more important. Experienced employees can, for example, document standardized work processes with videos and make them available to new employees in self-paced courses. Knowledge processing takes place once and knowledge transfer is independent of time and place, as often as new employees are introduced to the company.

Demonstrate competencies

With the help of certifications, the skills acquired by the employees are verified and documented. With the question pool, different certifications can be compiled in VERIABLE and offered as required. Certificates are immutably stored in the blockchain. Their authenticity and validity can be verified at any time. The certificate holder can also easily share the certificates on social media.

By introducing a corporate onboarding program with e-learning, companies can effectively integrate their new employees into the corporate culture and processes while reducing the time and resources required.

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