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VERIABLE & Internet Computer, the Best of Both Worlds!

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VERIABLE and the Internet Computer are a good combination. With VERIABLE we connect a WEB2 application with the current state of the art WEB3 blockchain technology. The best of both worlds, in our opinion.
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Although VERIABLE is not a 100% on-chain application, we use two essential elements from the Internet Computer ecosystem:

  1. The Internet Identity and
  2. The storage capabilities of the Internet Computer in order to store the VERIABLE Verified Credentials (VVC) in a tamper-proof and reliable way.
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Internet Identity

Our goal was and is to prioritize data protection and IT security. Therefore, in addition to a traditional login with user name and password, VERIABLE also offers a login using the Internet Identity.

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With the help of the Internet Identity, users and participants can log in securely without a password using their biometric data, such as face ID or fingerprint.

The Internet Identity is a blockchain-based authentication system for Web2 and Web3 applications that combines public standards such as Web Authn and FIDO (Fast Identity Online) with chain-key cryptotechnology. This allows users to create secure sessions using their device’s fingerprint sensors or face ID system, or using external hardware wallets.

The main advantages of using the Internet Identity are a simple and secure application, as well as the fact that only W3C standards are used. This means that no additional tools or software are required in addition to the browser.

Once your VERIABLE account has been linked to the Internet Identity, you can log in using your Anchor ID and the face ID or the fingerprint of your device, for example. The session is signed in a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip on your device, where your cryptographic passkey is stored. This means that all relevant information remains stored on your device and your password cannot be lost or hacked.

You can find more information about the Internet Identity here.
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VERIABLE & Internet Computer, the Best of Both Worlds! - Internet Identity
VERIABLE and the Internet computer are a good combination.

VERIABLE Verified Credentials (VVC)

VERIABLE Verified Credentials are a secure proof for all certifications that are carried out via the VERIABLE platform. They guarantee the validity, integrity and authenticity of a certification - created with the public standard of the W3C consortium.

VERIABLE Verefied Credential

A VVC is essentially a file in JSON format. This file contains all relevant information that provides information about the subject of the certification itself as well as the issuer (credential metadata), the owner (claim) and all information (proofs) that are necessary for the cryptographic verification.

To check if a VVC belongs to an owner, all you need is the corresponding VVC.json file and the ID of the owner. The ID can vary and must be communicated to the verifier. It works like a key - in simple words.

In addition, VERIABLE offers with the Apple Wallet a simple way of always having the VVC with you on your cell phone and having it verified at any time against the Internet Computer via a QR code. Alternatively, the certificate can also be checked at any time via our platform with the VERIABLE VC ID and the VERIABLE VC identity. This information is usually on every exported PDF certificate with a QR code, which can also be used for verification.

VERIABLE Apple Wallet pass

Due to the secure storage of the VVC on the Internet Computer, all certificates issued in this way are stored on the Internet Computer independently of the issuer, regardless of whether the issuer uses the VERIABLE service in the future or not. The VVC remains accessible and verifiable for the duration of its validity and beyond.

Why did we choose the Internet Computer?

With the help of the Internet Identity, we can offer a secure form of authentication for both participants and customers. Customers can even set up a mandatory use of the Internet Identity for their participants. This reduces the sharing of course licenses and makes misuse of access significantly more difficult.

Another advantage of the Internet Computer are the extremely low storage costs. With around $5 per GB per year, the Internet Computer is one of the cheapest blockchains in the world. With the so-called reverse gas model, all costs incurred for the use of the blockchain are paid by the operator of the SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. There are no costs for a user who retrieves or verifies a certificate, nor for the issuer of the certificates. This reverse gas model distinguishes the Internet Computer from other public blockchains. For more see this link.

Last but not least, the Internet Computer has the lowest energy consumption per transaction among the blockchains. This is a very important argument for a climate-friendly IT. You can find out more here.

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