Deliver and Organise Courses Seamlessly
Your customers enjoy seamless course access around the clock, all year round - from registration to payment, from enrolment to receiving confirmation of participation - all automated and mobile-friendly.
Smooth Onboarding
Your customers experience a smooth transition from registration, contract signing, payment, to immediate content delivery - all in one seamless, uninterrupted process.
Clear Overview
Always keep an eye on products, courses, orders, bookings and participants in your clear and intuitive learning platform.

Features for Efficiency and Time Savings

Get immediate information about new participants and new enrolments using the email service.

With your own Stripe account the payment for products is immediately executed when the order is placed.

Customers, products, prices and tax rates are always in sync with Stripe as payment provider.

Automatically send email notifications to participants about new messages and evaluations.

Public course information is always up to date and in sync with the course template (duration, chapters, lessons).

Confirmation of participation and social media sharing are automatically available upon completion of the course.

Easily define sales markets and thus have tax treatment in your own hands.

Create many course or course bundle dates with different course instructors for a product.

Set the end of the course access and control it automatically.

Offer a course product in a bundle with a certification (multiple choice / response test or practical exam).

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