Added Value through Knowledge Check
Enable your participants to continually test their acquired knowledge with quizzes. Offer certifications to confirm skills with or without a course.
Proof of Competencies
Offer your participants decisive advantages through official proof of knowledge and skills they have acquired in their field.
Certificates also increase the value and attractiveness of your course offerings.
Improve the motivation of participants through standardized goals.
Create added value for participants for their personal and professional development.
traceable, shareable, verifiable
Secure the competitive advantage of your participants with tamper-proof and publicly verifiable examination certificates. Prove the authenticity of your participants’ achievements at any time.
Stand out as a provider by increasing the value of your qualifications.
transparent, secure, trustworthy

Features for Security and Verifiability

Set rules such as availability and duration of the exam as well as the validity of the certificate individually for each certification product.

Offer certifications with multiple choice/response tests or practical exams.

Provide certifications alone or in combination with a course or a course bundle.

Compile questions for the certification from a central questions pool. Can also be used in course quizzes.

Individualize your certification offer with one badge per certification.

Individual PDF certificates can be created in your corporate design.

Tamper-proof storage of certificates ensures authenticity.

Employers gain access to verified skills of their employees and applicants.

Participants receive the PDF certificate immediately after the successful completion of the certification.

Participants can share the immutable proof of skills they have acquired - online or in the Apple wallet.

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