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Have you ever wondered how you can effectively share your expertise with a wide audience while building valuable customer relationships without the cost and hassle of traditional events?
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Organising a webinar offers an excellent opportunity as a one-person enterprise or small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) to showcase your expertise, increase your reach and build valuable relationships with customers and leads.

By using this cost-effective, flexible and interactive method, you can effectively reach your target audience without the limitations of physical events.

A webinar allows you to share your knowledge, attract potential customers and position yourself as a leading expert in your industry. Plus, by recording and reusing the content, you can benefit from your engagement in the long term.

With VERIABLE as your partner you can effortlessly

  • organise webinars,
  • provide additional and accompanying documents in a targeted manner and
  • make webinars that have already been created available to your customers exclusively via a course offering free of charge or for a fee.

Thanks to the central administration of the participants, they can easily access other online or offline course offerings. In this way, you can build your community step by step and always provide it with current content. VERIABLE also does not bind you to a specific webinar method. Use the ones you know: Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc.


  • You manage the participants,
  • distribute knowledge and
  • automatically create confirmations of participation.
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Protected access to VERIABLE prevents automated AI services from using your content and integrating it into their Large Language Model (LLM).

Organising a webinar requires some planning and preparation. Below we have illustrated a clear checklist that you can use to successfully organise your webinar.

Organising Webinars

Register now for our free community course, experience VERIABLE from the perspective of a participant and get the free webinar checklist!

You can find out more about the advantages of a webinar in our PDF “Webinars - short and compact”.

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