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Knowledge-based Online Course Platform for Subject Matter Experts

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Many subject matter experts, practitioners, researchers and academics have valuable knowledge and know-how in their respective fields. However, they may not be able to effectively monetize this knowledge or make it available to a wider audience.
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Using an online course platform allows subject matter experts to create high-quality courses and learning content and sell them to an interested audience for a fee.

Are you an expert in a specific field? With VERIABLE you can easily create multimedia learning content with text, images, video, audio or documents and sell self-paced courses via the platform with the integrated payment provider Stripe. You only need to transform your knowledge into learning content and publish it as course products. Everything else - from booking to registration and payments as well as generating confirmations of participation - works automatically via the platform.

In this way, subject matter experts can use their expertise to generate passive income by offering online courses in various forms.

Sharing Knowledge

With the growing flood of information, there is an increasing need to have knowledge made available in a prepared form. Especially when there is little time to acquire knowledge yourself and when specialist knowledge is to be called up when needed. The demand for processed learning content will continue to increase in the future. With the help of VERIABLE, a wide range of courses and topics can be covered, resulting in a diverse range of courses for learners.

The online nature of the platform allows subject matter experts to reach learners from all over the world. Learners can complete the courses at their own pace and access them from anywhere in the world. The platform also offers the possibility to offer courses in different languages, which increases the reach of the courses.

Create Eclectic Content

With the VERIABLE instruction you define the learning goal, guide to the topic, compile the learning content with text, images, videos, audio and documents and supplement a knowledge check with a quiz. The participants learn multimedia-based new skills independent of time and place.

Offer Different Learning Formats

With one course template the learning content can be offered in self-paced or guided courses - online, blended or on-site. You determine how, when and where you pass on your knowledge. In-house and private courses are possible, too.

Automate Processes

With the integration of Stripe the processes from the order to the enrolment of the participant and to the payment are designed automatically. In the case of self-paced courses and certifications, the confirmations of participation and certificates are also generated automatically. Participants can start the course immediately after payment and complete it within the defined period of time. No manual enrollment or waiting for confirmation is necessary!

By creating such a knowledge-based online course platform, subject matter experts can monetize their expertise while providing learners with valuable knowledge. This represents a win-win situation, where knowledge is converted into financial success.

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